Aspen Tree Essay

Aspen is a common name for a certain tree species. Some, but not all, are classified by botanists in the section ” Populus .” There is the populus adenopoda, a Chinese aspen, populus davidiana, a Korean aspen, populus grandidentata, a big tooth aspen, populus sieboldii, a Japanese aspen, populus tremula, a Eurasian aspen, and populus tremuloides, the famous quaking aspen. Much of the aspen tree is edible. You can eat the inner bark and cambium but it is best in the spring. It can be dried, ground into a powder and used as flour. You can mix it with other flours so that you can make bread and other doughy treats. The sap can be used as a sweet beverage. Aspen tastes like a mix of lime and grapefruit. Aspens are found in Utah and Colorado of the USA. They are also found in some of the western states of the USA like Montana, where I live! Sorry it says that there are so many spelling mistakes but scientific names aren’t really common spelling words. Thank you for reading my essay, if you are still there.

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