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Mintea Madness

This tea has a lot of mint in it so make sure to get the full flavor by adding a lot of mint. Also did you get my tea pun? Mintea? Get it? Hehe. Anyways, you should probably steep for about 5 minutes for full flavor. Enjoy!

Aspen Tree Essay

Aspen is a common name for a certain tree species. Some, but not all, are classified by botanists in the section ” Populus .” There is the populus adenopoda, a Chinese aspen, populus davidiana, a Korean aspen, populus grandidentata, a big tooth aspen, populus sieboldii, a Japanese aspen, populus tremula, a Eurasian aspen, and populus …

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Citrus Sunrise

This tea has a mixture of a lot of different ingredients such as dehydrated lemon, orange, ginger, and a mint peony mix. One of my favorite tea recipes if you ask me. It has a sweet yet tangy flavor and it is a great tea for when you have a cold or a sore throat.